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Crush Mate

Crush Mate is an animal handling device, designed as an accessory for animal crushes, chutes or races, for the purpose of immobilising smaller animals.


The Crush Mate can be fixed on the inside of an animal handling unit, and fit to size with its adjustable linkages. This narrows the crush size and restricts the movement of the animal from side to side, which aids in works to be carried out efficiently

Freeze branding, castrating, clipping, inspection of sick animals and many more essential care can now be made more efficient for both the animal and the user. Crush Mate can also be very beneficial in the training of heifers in robotic milking systems. 

Crush Mate is a unique and new accessory with no other like it. It is designed by a like minded farmer, needing to provide essential care for their animals. 

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena Awards -

Winner of the 'On Farm Innovation' award, Alfie Cox Founder’s Perpetual Trophy 2021

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